Incineration plant


The HIM incineration plant in the city of Biebesheim has two different lines for the incineration of specific waste (industrial oils, hazardous waste…). The incineration capacity is 120,000 tons per year, or about 10 tons per hour. The combustion of garbage leads to the creation of ash which, once treated, is recovered in an electro filter. The latter is equipped with 4 hoppers receiving fly ash. However, for several months, HIM has encountered clogging problems with these hoppers. This clogging has a direct impact on the incineration of garbage because it forces the customer to stop the combustion of waste to allow cleaning operators to manually intervene to get rid of these blockages. Because of the temperature and height of the location, the risks for the operators are high.

Fly ash sealing in incineration


Following a technical study on site, 2 ACS per hopper were recommended to avoid clogging. The exact offer is 4 AC51010HDP for two hoppers. A guarantee of result being requested by the customer, STANDARD INDUSTRIE has agreed a conditional sale involving a 1-month trial and the return of the equipment in case of dissatisfaction.


At the end of the trial, the suggestion of two AIRCHOCS® per hopper was conclusive. Unclogging of fly ash is handled automatically and safely.