Our solutions

Standard Industrie provides diversified solutions to help the bulk industry on an international level and for all types of sectors.

blockage & build up removal

Elimination colmatages et concrétion

Industrial vacuum cleaning

Industrial vacuum cleaning

Conveyor belt optimisation

optimisation of belt conveyors

silo and hopper cleaning services

Transport, screening, flow bulk powder material

Our sectors

We intervene in various sectors such as the cement industry, the glass industry, mines and quarries and many others to provide our cleaning solutions for the bulk industry.

Our cleaning solutions for cement plants or cement factory, allow to eliminate sand and concretions clogging in storage units and gas pipes present in the process.

Our air cannon solutions are used to eliminate clogging and concretions in storage units as well as in batch loading and preparation for the glass industry.

Our air cannon cleaning solutions allow the removal of material deposits, clogging and buil-up such as sand, aggregate or clay clogging.

Our industrial cleaning solutions for waste treatment plants allow the removal of clogging and concretions present in storage units.

Our services allow the cleaning of ashes, lime, gypsum, refiom, or vegetable matter used to feed biomass boilers.

Our unclogging solutions for fluidizing feed or food production remove deposits of material such as sugar, soy or flour.

Our cleaning solutions for the steel industry eliminate material deposits, clogging and concretions in storage units and in gas and dust treatment areas.

Our plaster producer customers use our services for the cleaning of plaster crusts in their silo or for the vacuum cleaning of their production site

Removing blockage gypsum crust cleaning

Discover our maintenance solutions for the wood, paper and cardboard industry

wood chip conveyor

Standard industrie

Standard Industrie was founded in 1977 by Hervé Simoëns. The creation of the Airchoc air cannon enabled the development of a mechanism that allows the evacuation of the material in the storage units. Standard industrie then developed in Europe and internationally.

Standard industrie International is a motivated and dynamic team that offers you know-how and experience in order to propose solutions adapted to your problems and constraints. Our technical team, specialised in industrial processes, operates worldwide and is at your disposal to advise you on the installation and commissioning of your equipment.

Our solutions are aimed at all manufacturers, in more than 90 countries, who store and work with powdered products… That’s more than 60 sectors of activity.