20 March 2024

AIRCHOC Air Cannons Solution for Silo Cleaning

3 AIRCHOC air cannons with 9 liters tanks, blowpipes and control panel were installed on the silo of polymer granules, so it no longer needs to be cleaned and no maintenance is required.
2 October 2023

Maintain flow of stored material

Regardless of the cleaning solution chosen by its customers, Standard Industrie meets the dual challenge of maintaining a high level of maintenance to guarantee production flow, while keeping costs to a minimum.
23 August 2023

Optimize the sealing and safety of your conveyor belts with LIFTUBE®

The LIFTUBE® system, developed and patented by STANDARD INDUSTRIE International, responds to this problematic by significantly improving the sealing of conveyor belts, improving the productivity and the safety compared to traditional conveyor belts.
23 August 2023

Declogging inside hoppers : the Airchoc® 6 solution is more economical

Air cannons are permanently installed on the walls of silos and hoppers for all powder-like materials, thus preventing the formation of bridging and ratholing while maximizing storage capacity.
16 January 2023

Business continuity plan

Standard Industrie offers a wide range of solutions to address the on-site industrial cleaning requirements. For this, the technical team proposes different configurations to meet the plant needs whatever the industry sector
22 May 2022

Centralized vacuum cleaner UFA 150EH

Here is an example of a global cleaning project for a sinter plant where Standard Industrie installed a fixed vacuum solution with a complete pipe network.
23 March 2022

The airchoc® prevents production stoppages due to material build-up

The air cannon tank is connected to an air compressor. A volume of compressed air between 4 & 400 Liters is released instantly through a suitable outlet. The AIRCHOC® air cannon acts directly on the product.
10 March 2022

LIFTUBE® enables plants to meet safety and environmental standards

Plants, subject to regulatory pressures, are looking for solutions to minimize their impact on the environment and increase the safety of their employees. They can find an answer with LIFTUBE®.
4 February 2022

Standard industrie improves the performance of the production

Since 1978, Standard Industrie International has been a leading engineering and manufacturing group specialising in the handling, storage and transportation of bulk materials.