Silo and hopper cleaning service against plaster clogging

Materials processed : Anhydrite, gypsum, plaster

Proposed solution:

The articulated arm of the GIRONET, which rotates 360°, eliminates the problems of clogging or the formation of plaster crusts. This solution meets the strictest safety standards:  It avoids any human presence inside the silos. The intervention of the GIRONET allows to increase the storage capacity. The GIRONET is efficient on any type of clogging, product or storage unit. It can be used without stopping production.
Possible recovery of the extracted material.



A water infiltration caused a crust to appear on the walls of the plaster storage silo. The cleaning of the silo by pneumatic GIRONET allowed to eliminate the crust on the walls and to find the storage capacity.

Industrial cleaning of plaster silos

AIRCHOC air baster cleaning of plaster, anhydrite or gypsum

Installation of air cannon for plaster removal

Proposed solution:

The installation of AIRCHOC air cannons on different strategic points, i.e. on the installations at the beginning of the process, where the gypsum is still in the powder state, makes it possible to solve the flow problems, as well as a much more fluid extraction of the product.


KNAUF (France)

The gypsum contained in silos and chutes becomes more sticky and therefore more clogging, making its extraction difficult. This is why KNAUF has opted for the performance of AIRCHOCS guns placed on its installations. 3 types of air cannons have been installed according to the container and the frequency of shooting required.

Industrial vacuum solution for plaster dust

Proposed solution:

The Movable Suction Group, connected to the factory’s suction network, allows to reach any place difficult to access with a fast action speed. Also, Multiple possibilities of emptying thanks to: container, big-bag, drums, skips, continuous handling



The installation of a GAD with a high performance soundproofing box in the production areas allows to reduce the dust and noise level below 81 dB.

RIGIPS (Germany)

Following a demonstration of the GAD50MVS, the customer wished to acquire this second-hand equipment in order to reduce his investment. Installed on its existing suction network, the GAD allows a regular cleaning to guarantee the safety of the operators. The machine is connected to a pre-separator. The material is recovered in big-bag.

SINIAT (France)

For the cleaning of the whole of its factory, this customer opted for a high vacuum GAD considering the distance of the numerous bends and the nature of the products. Soundproofing was added to the machine because the plant is close to residential areas. The customer was satisfied with the performance and the noise level of the GAD.

Industrial vacuum cleaner for plaster dust

Industrial vacuum solution for plaster dust

Bad weather conditions can cause material to fly away from the conveyor located at the mine exit.

Proposed solution:

The LIFTUBE placed on the conveyor guarantees the watertightness and thus prevents the product from getting stuck between the wall and the belt. The LIFTUBE prevents the accumulation of material, which can, in the long term, cause the belt to shift.


  • Decrease cleaning cost & time
  • Optimize the extraction of anhydrite of gypsum


  • Guarantee site cleanliness and therefore operator safety

Environment :

  • Ansure extraction without producing dust emissions, harmful to the environment


KNAUF (Germany)

The installation of the LIFTUBE® at KNAUF Wilandsheim reduced the cleaning time by 90%. This means that the site is clean and the customer no longer needs to call in a cleaning company. In addition, material losses and environmental contamination have been significantly reduced.