Standard Industrie International designs equipment that facilitates the storage, flowconveying and cleaning of powdered and bulk products. Our company offers the following installations:


First of all, our company is the leader in the field of unclogging, especially silos and hoppers thanks to our flagship product, the AIRCHOC® air cannon, whose patent has been filed for nearly 40 years. Eager to innovate, it subsequently designed the MACSYS®, a multi-headed air cannon, perfectly suited for hot spots and hard to reach parts. In order to better meet the needs of customers, the company developed a wireless version, called Wireless. Adaptable to AIRCHOC® and MACSYS®, as its name suggests, this innovative concept excludes the installation of cable trays. Thanks to a box set and a remote control, up to 128 air cannons can be remotely controlled for optimum safety.

As of now, our multinational branch offers the widest range of air cannons in the market.

The principle of these solutions is simple: a volume of compressed air that varies between 1 and 400 litres is instantly released. The effect obtained corresponds to a deflagration due to the sudden expansion of compressed air. The shock wave towards the product allows the materials to flow.

The fields of application are varied. The AIRCHOC air blaster is the solution to problems of:

  • Hopper clogging in quarry
  • Bridging and ratholing in dust hoppers in steel waste treatment
  • Bridging and ratholing in brick shale hoppers
  • Obstruction of the ventilation duct’s cyclone inlet at a metal
    recycling plant
  • Maintenance of weighing silos in glass factories
  • Kiln inlet concretions in cement works
  • Obstructions related to dust accumulation in cement works
  • Supply hopper clogging in mine ores
  • Material flow after combustion in lime kiln
  • Clogging of sand, moisture sensitivity in foundry

The AIRCHOC® air cannon has a worldwide reputation in proving itself in the bulk market over the last forty years.

Unclogging silos and hoppers with air cannon
Installation industrial vacuum cleaner
Belt conveyor operation


Standard Industrie International has also developed the LIFTUBE®: a powerful solution for conveyor belts skirting to optimize their waterproofness and safety. This system ensures a reduction of dust emissions, material losses, maintenance time and guarantees the operator’s safety. Available in standard and wide versions, the LIFTUBE® conveyor skirting can benefit from specific equipment adapting to food environments, high temperature, ATEX zone 21, or flammable environments.

This solution is suitable for material conveying in various activitie:

  • Limestone conveyor in quarry
  • Coal conveyor in thermal power
  • Slaked lime conveyor in lime plant
  • Cement clinker, gypsum cement
  • Waste conveyors in metal recycling
  • Carbonate conveyor in chemical
  • Cullet conveyor in glass factories
  • Alternative fuel transport
  • Sand transport


Standard Industrie International is also a designer and manufacturer of equipment for industrial vacuum cleaning. Its know-how and knowledge of industrial processes, complemented by a personalised study, enables to provide the best technical and economic solutions to applications encountered while ensuring a healthy environment for operators.

Standard Industrie International offers all configurations for: mobile unit or trucks, electric or diesel, from 5 to 300HP, with a flow rate of up to 7500m3/h whatever your cleaning needs are:

  • Cleaning of fertilizer manufacturing facilities through mobile vacuum unit
  • Limestone suction with vacuum truck in a quarry
  • Fly ash suction in incineration
  • Cement and clinker suction and discharge in a cement plant
  • Wood pellets suction with a portable GAD Suction Group in thermal power station
  • Suction sand with an Industrial vacuum unit PAD in a glass factory
  • Cleaning of clinker grinding mills, silos and conveyors in cement works
  • Cleaning and recycling of cement with a mobile vacuum unit
Industrial suction unit
Installation of industrial cleaning silos


Finally, Standard Industrie International offers cleaning and unclogging services of storage units thanks to the POWERNET and GIRONET®. These two products, available in pneumatic or hydraulic versions, and effective on all types of clogging, products or storage units, can be used without halting the production. This mechanised cleaning is done safely since it excludes human interventions inside the silos and hoppers. Moreover, all risks of explosion are avoided thanks to the use of compressed air and an aluminium housing around the engine. Thus, the customer quickly recovers all of his storage capacity while ensuring optimal safety for his operators.

These are some examples of procedures:

  • Cleaning a reactor in an incineration plant
  • Silo cleaning of soda ash in glass factory
  • Elimination of a material crust on the walls of the plaster storage silo
  • Cleaning of flour and cereal silos
  • Coal hopper cleaning in the iron and steel industry

Standard Industrie International has established itself worldwide as a leader in bulk handling. Hence, this originally French company intervenes in very varied sectors of activities such as cement works, thermal power plants, iron and steel industries, mines, quarries, etc. to provide them with all the necessary solutions in terms of materials handling, production capacity recovery, the workplace, and even safety.