Waste treatment

Protection of a conveyor belt used in waste treatment and recovery


Geocycle, a leader in the creation of alternative fuel, recovers used oil cans. A mixture is made and then falls onto the belt. The waste is then recycled to feed the preheating towers of the HOLCIM group’s cement plants.
The transport conveyors for impregnated sawdust were covered with grids or a simple tarpaulin. The customer was experiencing material overflow at the chutes. They also wanted to reduce the dust and solvent odour (SEVESO site) to preserve the comfort of the plant operators and the surrounding environment.

Waste conveyor containment


Geocycle has installed the LIFTUBE® on all its waste transport conveyors.

3 conveyors equipped to date:

BT1 at 12 M
BT2 at 50 M
BT3 at 26 M
650 mm belt, with SELF-EXTINGUISHING edges to avoid the risk of fire. And for added safety, the customer has installed sprinklers to spray the belt in the event of a belt fire.


The LIFTUBE® confines the material being transported (solvent-impregnated sawdust) and thus prevents spillage from the conveyor belt, dust and odor emissions. Geocycle and the entire Holcim Group recommend the LIFTUBE because it protects the operators and the surrounding environment.

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