Biomass power plant


VEOLIA (Zapfendorf site) was looking for a solution that would fit in with its plan to reduce emissions and seal its old conveyor belt.
The passage of shredded wood of different granulometries required optimum sealing to avoid overflowing and the risk of the belt shifting.

The 650mm belt is fed with raw material by a loader, which delivers all types and shapes of wood uniformly.
This creates jolts in the belt and the risk of the covers being torn off.

In addition, the specific nature of the region, with its high snow cover in winter, meant that the bonnets had to be more resistant.

LIFTUBE® conveyor solves sealing problem in biomass power plant


55 metres of LIFTUBE® 650 installed on a conveyor belt transporting chipped wood to the boiler for energy production.

In collaboration with REMA TIPTOP in Bavaria, a specific solution was developed to meet the requirements of the project.


Raised hoods with an extra-large opening allow wood to pass through without a badly cut board tearing the hoods off.
What’s more, if a piece gets stuck, the oversized hatch means that oversized pieces can be caught and removed. What’s more, the LIFTUBE® design features a special joint to ensure a watertight seal.

The hoods have been developed with a thickness greater than the standard dimensions to resist the weight of the snow, so they won’t sag.

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LIFTUBE® conveyor solves sealing problem in biomass power plant

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