Our belt conveyor accessories:
The solution to sealing and safety problems

The patented LIFTUBE® system and dust collector are accessories for belt conveyors.
The LIFTUBE® allows the belt to run over a horizontal tilting centre roller and slide over the tilting side edges. A removable cover fits over the unit to ensure dust emissions from the conveyor are reduced. Only the cover and the central horizontal roller have a size that depends on the width of the conveyor. The conveyor belt and rollers are easily accessible thanks to innovative tilting supports.

The dust collector is a 2m LIFTUBE® system kit including a bonnet on which is mounted a filter assembly with pneumatic cleaning. It allows for the further reduction of very fine dust emissions immediately after a fall.

Belt width: from 500 to 1400 mm
Belt speed: up to 5 m/sec
Throughput: Up to 1500 t/h
Particle size: Up to 500 mm
Product temperature : Up to 300°C
Standard & upgradeable modules
Installation on new or existing conveyors

  • ENVIRONMENT: Reduced dust emissions between the loading and unloading points: compliance with current standards (ISO 14001)
  • QUALITY: No contamination of the transported product / Longer belt life
  • TOTAL SAFETY: Protection of the entry points in compliance with decree n°93-40
  • SAVINGS: No modification of the existing structure / Optimisation of flow rates / No loss of operation
  • MAINTENANCE: Edges & tilting roller system allow easy and quick access and maintenance
  • MODULAR: Standard, adaptable, upgradeable elements on new or existing conveyors / Installation on all or part of the conveyor / Accessory for belt conveyor compatible with reversible belt
  • Visits & technical recommendations (sizing and layout)
  • Supply of the installation plan for the LIFTUBE® accessory for belt conveyors
  • Possibility of assembly, supervision and commissioning by us
  • Guarantee up to 3 years
  • Internal & external training (STANDARD INDUSTRIE Training Institute: IFSI – N° 31 59 05660 59)
  • After sales service & maintenance contract
  • Regulatory follow-up
  • ATEX / Food grade / Self-extinguishing model
  • High Temperature (Product temperature up to 300°C)

Liftube sealing system use cases