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The customer had Bran stored in two of their silos that had both bridged and they did not have flow of material from these silos. They wanted to clean the silos by removing all the material hanging inside of the silo and regain full silo capacity on both Bran silos. Customer has been using cardox with mixed results in terms of performance and safety


Bran storage


To empty the silo in order to recover 100% of the storage capacity.


Pneumatic Powernet and ATEX Gironet intervention fully supplied by Standard Industrie in South Africa.


The customer heard of our solution from another plant where Standard Industrie did a similar Powernet/ATEX Gironet intervention on a Bran silo too. They asked if we would be able to clean to their Bran silos. Standard Industrie conducted a site inspection and concluded that we would be able to assist them. First, the Powernet was used for penetration of the bridged material and then our deported ATEX Gironet was applied to clean the material inside of the silo with Brass chains. This was applied to both Bran silos with the customer having regained full capacity at the end of the intervention. Both silos were cleaned in 7 working days. The customer obtained the results that he expected and was quite impressed with Standard Industrie performance and professionalism.

silo completely bridged
cleaned bran silo