Carrière Chambon – France


The CHAMBON customer is experiencing material loss and complains about the dust emitted by its conveyor at its chute at the mill exit, along its chassis and at the end of the conveyor.

reduction des pertes de matière en carrière


The solution was to optimize their conveyor system with our Liftube system, coupled with a dust collector. Project specifics include:

  • Turnkey solution: Supply, installation, commissioning
  • Crossbar adapted to the customer’s box frame
  • Backing and raising of the drum motor (customer load)
  • Extension of the chassis (customer load)

Our team completed this installation in 5 days.


The results are beyond the customer’s expectations: The product leaving the conveyor is free of dust, and there is no more material loss.

Impacts on the customer’s production:

  • Its finished product is cleaner because the dust is channelled by the dust collector, allowing its customers to improve their production costs. The less dust in the finished product, the less additional products will be needed in the production of asphalt.
  • The dust contained and sucked up by the dust collector could become a co-product for him and be recovered. The project consists in putting this dust in big bags directly from the dust collector.