Coal mine in Indonesia


Blockage of two coal bunkers during the rainy season when humidity is very high.

Customer’s temporary solution:
– Unblockage by operators using hammers and metal bars by hitting the hopper at the point of accumulation.
– Putting liners inside to reduce coal sticking to the walls.

The problem persists:

This is when the customer considers the AIRCHOC solution.

Air gun on coal hopper


– Installation of 4 AIRCHOC® ATEX version on each of the two hoppers to solve their clogging problem.
– Choice of an ATEX version to avoid the risk of explosion.
– Installation of a switch for each hopper to manually trigger AIRCHOC® operations 4 to 5 times a day, sequenced by the control panel.
– This triggering frequency ensures efficient, constant cleaning of the air hoses.
– Installation of an air filter on each hopper to neutralize fine carbon dust. This prevents it from being deposited on the AIRCHOC mechanism and preserves the air quality.


The customer is satisfied with the result of the installation of the AIRCHOC® air cannons, which has enabled him to avoid the need for “manual” unclogging of these two hoppers during the rainy season.
The AIRCHOC® is used in many other applications. It is regularly installed on raw material storage units (sand, powders, flours, grains, wood chips, peat, straw, mulch, etc.) throughout the world. AIRCHOC® can also be found at the end of the process on fly ash or lime silos.