Air cannon

Chrome industry and extraction


Accumulation of material in the transition chute between secondary screen and conveyor to the transition point.

Unclogging system on ore chute


Installation of declogging system AIRCHOC® AC51010SDP DN 100 mm, 50 liters, allowing free flow of the material in the chute.


Following many production stoppages due to build-ups in the chute, it was decided to proceed with automation of its declogging with the AIRCHOC® system and ensure a continuous flow of the chromium ore.

9 December 2022

Installation of declogging system on ore chute

9 December 2022

Clogging of fly ash in incineration

9 December 2022

Cleaning the biomass boiler economizer

9 December 2022

Bran build-up inside the silo

9 December 2022

AIRCHOC Wireless air cannon at a concrete manufacturer

9 December 2022

Coal hopper cleaning cannon

1 December 2022

Air cannons on a MAERZ lime kiln

21 November 2022

Eliminate build-up on the preheating tower